What Your grandchild with Autism wants you to know

What your grandchild wants you know

  • Autism is a condition that affects the way my brain works. My brain is wired differently
  • I am not stupid
  • I have trouble dealing with sensory information (eyes, ears, touch, smell)
  • I may see many details and become upset when things are out of place
  • A loud noise might surprise me
  • I may feel nervous, upset or frustrated when my schedule is changed
  • I may not be able to stop an activity when you feel it is time
  • I may go to a corner, talk to myself or make sounds until I calm down
  • I may feel touch in different ways than you do. A light touch might feel like a pinch. Other times my skin might not have much feeling & I may forget how strong I am
  • I may play differently & have difficulty using my imagination. I may forget to take turns & may be better at real than pretend
  • I may not talk at all. I might hum, laugh or scream. If I do talk I may get stuck or confused when in a conversation and go on & on or repeat words over and over
  • I may have trouble understanding non-verbal communication (expression on people’s faces, voice tone & quality, body positioning)
  • I may have seizures or develop them
  • I may not be able to eat some foods (Dietary Restrictions)
  • I may only like certain foods (Food Preferences)
  • I will have Fears & Anxieties
  • I will have Obsessions& Compulsive behaviors
  • I may have trouble Sleeping
  • When you have seen one person with Autism, you have seen one person with Autism……
  • So please understand, value & respect me for my individuality and my gifts
  • Remember none of us are pre-packaged. I told you when you have met one of us, you have met one of us
  • It’s okay to make mistakes with me and not have all the answers
  • Don’t worry about filling me up with information, develop a relationship first
  • Know that each moment we are together will be a learning moment for us
  • Teach me meaningfully “Some say I am a Mac in a PC world”. But with time we can learn each other’s system and connect
  • I have challenges in memory, planning & paying attention and in social perspective taking
  • I am distractible
  • It is hard for me to process more than one sensory system
  • I think in specifics and generalities so good
  • I need to see it to learn it. It may take me more time to process something
  • I depend on routine, it helps me handle each day
  • I think more concretely
  • I am not sure there is more than one way to do something
  • So, I may not view a situation like you do
  • Abstract language and idioms are hard for me, so teach me them
  • You might also watch your pitch, tone & inflection with me. I don’t really get those things. Body language is also hard for me to read.
  • I communicate through my behaviors. You might have to become a detective to figure out what I need, feel or want
  • I am not an Autistic Child but a child with autistic learning challenges
  • Not everything I do is because of my autism
  • I am more like other children than different
  • I want to be liked, to drive, to have a job someday & have friends
  • Believe in my potential
  • Be patient, I learn through small chunks & repetition
  • See me capable

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Karen Kaplan

Sarah Gravatar   07.09.2015 18:14
Great information Yes No cool
Many times over the years I have had to explain to family members how to interact with my son. This is perfect, Karen, thank you!
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