Jakarta Seminar Continues; More Questions

Jakarta Seminar Continues; More Questions

My son is 6. We do not know what his talents are? What can we do it develop his talents

I asked them what they would do if he were not a child with autism & they could not say. So, I urged them to expose him to all kinds of activities & opportunities they are able. Take him for walks. Take him to the park. Take him to music & dance events. Sing with him & dance with him. Take him to the market. Ride a train with him. Take him on your bike & teach him to ride a cycle. Draw with him, paint with him & most of all play with him (board games, ball games, blocks & Legos. Read to him, read with him and encourage him to turn the pages & point to and name the pictures). Try musical instruments with him.

Get him involved in sports (soccer, badminton perhaps running or swimming). If he likes the computer find out what he likes to watch. Perhaps those characters can be used to teach him. Perhaps operating computers can be expanding.

I urged them to watch what he goes towards. Join him in his play & what he is curious about. Expand what you see him go towards.

My son will only eat dry foods. How can we expand his food preferences?

Perhaps it might be wise to work with an Occupational Therapist on sensory integration. Frequently our children avoid foods because of their texture or smell. He may need some sensory work with the OT or some oral motor work with the Occupational Therapist. Start this as early as you can

The longer you only feed your son one type of food the harder it will be to change. They get in a routine. They get stuck.

Cook with your son. Get him use to smells. Shop at the markets with him so he can see the variety.

Try having him eat in quiet & calm places.

Start small. You may have one or two of the foods he enjoys at the table.   You would then have one food that he avoids (fruit) Cut the fruit into very, very small pieces at first.   Tell him he must try one bit of the less preferred food before he can have one bit of the preferred food. You may have to be patient and wait him out. You may have to encourage him. You may need to tell him that you want him to be healthy & grow big like his father or brother. You might have a doctor or dentist tell him that he must eat better to have strong teeth & good health.

Once you have gotten him to try one bite then give him the preferred. Keep trying one bite of less preferred & then one bite of preferred. You can make items bigger as you go along or require him to try 2 or 3 bites of less preferred before getting preferred item.

Each child is different. Be patient. Keep trying.


We have heard that genetics is part of the cause of Autism. We have also heard that our environment affects the outcomes. What can we do?

It is advised to follow the research being done at some of the greatest medical research foundations. Today the field of experts is saying that it is not just one gene, like Down syndrome but a mixture of genes coming together. There is no test as yet, like Down syndrome to prepare you for having a child. More money each day is being allotted for research as the numbers of children increase at such rapid rates. Support research.

There are researchers who believe there is a combination between genes & the environment.

We must take care of ourselves & the world we live in. Our waters need to be cleaned from toxins. Our food needs to be grown without toxins. Our businesses need to stop producing chemicals that affect our physical bodies.

We need to look back into our biological histories before we inoculate to check for susceptibilities. We need to find doctors who can support a slower process to give our vaccines to our children when their brains are rapidly developing. Perhaps being more conservative with inoculations. There are some children who received 6 or 7 vaccinations on one day & had cellular challenges to begin with who developed Autism. Perhaps we will come up with some tests that can be given at birth to determine if a particular child has a healthy immune system to take on the vaccination or not.

We must feed ourselves properly before we get pregnant and throughout pregnancy. We must feed our children correctly, especially their brains so they can learn.

Karen Kaplan
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